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Travel Writer Brenna Callahan always dreamed of going on assignment to Ireland, but even in her wildest imaginings, she never thought that Eire’,s legends would prove to be frighteningly real. On her first night in Connacht, a fog-drenched encounter with what seems to be the Wild Hunt sparks a series of events that leave Brenna uncertain about what is true and who can be trusted. She doesn’,t know whether she believes in faeries or things that go bump in the night. The one thing she knows for sure is that either someone has a very strange sense of humor, or that same someone is trying to kill her. Meeting sexy, enigmatic Ronan during her flight through the fog doesn’,t lessen Brenna’,s confusion one iota, especially since he seems to know her all too well, though she’,s never seen him before. When archeologist Colm Lachlann also appears determined to become her exclusive tour guide, Brenna finds herself in the middle of an age-old conflict that has its roots in the Otherworld itself. To add to her dismay, she feels inexplicably familiar with the ancient sites she visits, and a mental voice claiming to be the Morrigan, Great Queen of the Tuatha De Danann, demands that she wake and remember who she is. When her past and present collide and old debts are called due, Brenna must decide once and for all just where her loyalties lie._,
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