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Sinopsis de MINIMUM WAGE S.U.X.

How can you make money by reading this book? Just about anyone who has common sense, can read, and is willing to follow some simple directions can start making money within a week after reading this book. You do not need business experience, money, or credit. You will need to spend time to read and learn something new. You definitely will need to change the way you think if you have been struggling for a long working paycheck-to-paycheck. I want to help people that work hard but are still broke the day after cashing their paycheck. Minimum wage sucks (S.U.X.) and living paycheck-to-paycheck sucks (S.U.X.). Are you Stressed, Underpaid, and eXhausted? So many people have a hard time finding work they like and getting paid enough money to live comfortably. Life is too short to do things that you do not enjoy. Most good careers that pay decent money require a college education, years of experience, good credit, and expect you to work all kinds of hours for free. There are lots of people out there, maybe even you, which have no money saved, no credit, and a limited education. I have made millions in real estate as a landlord. Over 18 years, I have worked with my tenants that could not pay me rent because they lost their job or had unexpected bills. I found all kinds of work for them to do to avoid eviction._,
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