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Today, there is a lot of material available to Squash Players for how to improve their game, including technical skills development, nutrition, game statistics etc. However, something was missing for Patrick Hartunian, a championship winning Squash Coach and leader in the industry of Professional Sports in Canada. This book, &lsquo,Mental Strength, Your Guide to Success in Sports&rsquo, is his answer to taking your game to the next level. Providing both teenagers and adults with a fresh perspective on learning by actively engaging your mind, Patrick walks through the key areas of development for any player looking to succeed.&nbsp, With topics like Positive Reinforcement, Mental Clarity, Seeking a Coach, Court Progressions and more, Patrick shares his extensive insight and unique teaching style to aid in the learning process for an athlete at any level. Mental Strength is a must read for all squash players and athletes in general looking to move on from playing multiple sports, to begin specializing in one.&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,_,
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