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Sinopsis de LONG ROAD HOME

In the first book of this series, Shadow Mountain (by Honor Stone), Native American, Jonathan Dark Wolf Morgan is reunited with his two young sons, Raven and Hawk, after difficult circumstances had torn them apart. In this second book, Long Road Home, Dark Wolf is faced with new challenges, as he learns the truth about his past from an old mountain woman, Hattie Gray. Through the trauma of her past, Hatties memories of many significant portions of her life have been long buried. Through a dream, these memories are now stirred and recalled to mind. Her life is changed by these new recollections, and she realizes that she must confront certain people and feelings if she is ever to have peace. New characters are introduced, bringing adventure, romance, peril, humor, heartaches, and victories. Follow their story as they intermingle to begin a journey that will reward them for their efforts to find their own personal road home._,
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