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Have we become too soft as leaders?&nbsp,A team’,s culture is only as good as its leader.&nbsp,Effective leaders are the result of effective training, education and skill development.&nbsp,We find that leaders who have underperforming teams have usually become that way because of a lack of engagement or a break in the team culture.In this book, you will discover bold&nbsp,strategies that will make you re-think&nbsp,the way you lead. Learn how to get&nbsp,your team on track, re-engaged, and&nbsp,performing at a level that is consistent&nbsp,with your big goals.&nbsp,With over two decades of leadership&nbsp,experience, Mike’,s insight should be a&nbsp,requirement for anyone who leads&nbsp,people in today’,s changing world.&nbsp,Mike will help you to identify your&nbsp,vulnerable areas, as he shares how to&nbsp,implement a core vision backed by a&nbsp,solid plan for success._,
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