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This Christian nonfiction self-help book aims to show readers how finding their passion in life can bring them closer to God and His plan. The author uses his passion of playing basketball to show how focus, diligence, empowerment, open-mindedness, and forgiveness can create a strong relationship with God and His Word. With interactive questions, writing prompts, and reflections, the book helps readers see what their passion is and what role it plays in their life. Using Bible stories to show important lessons, the book includes scriptural analysis, commentary, and application. Written for men, women, and young adults, the book is inspirational, motivational, helpful, educational, edifying, supportive, and enlightening. The author looks at the patience, dedication, passion, listening skills, emotion, and persistence it takes to follow a passion, hobby, or interest such as basketball in a positive way. Gods love, Holy Spirit, Gods path, Jesus Christ, sports, recreation, personal growth, spiritual growth, faith in yourself, Christian sports, Christian coach, Christ-centered competition, standing on the Rock of Jesus, personal development, Christian role models, trust, game time._,
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