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At 50, Isabelle is devastated by yet another failed relationship when she has a provocative dream about several generations of women in her family. Her mother answers a few of her questions about elements in the dream, such as the ermine stole, the aggressive snake, and the lace shawl. Yet the only way to tie together the mysteries of her life is to return to her birth place, France, and prod the truth from her irascible ninety-year-old grandmother, Mamie. While visiting Mamie in the small village of La Batie, Isabelle becomes acquainted with the old doctor, Victor, who is able to answer some of her questions. Isabelle also has the good fortune of meeting Victor’s exciting grandson, Philippe, 40, with whom she falls in love. They have a beautiful romantic affair, travel to Provence together, and Isabelle’s relationship with men will be changed from then on. Part psychological probe into the connective memory from one generation to another and part evocation of roads-less-traveled in the stunning countryside of southern France, Isabelle’s journey answers many questions we all have about legacy and love. It also reminds us that dreams hold hidden wonders about our lives. _,
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