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The author tackles a practical topic from a place of personal experience. Readers will find the credibility in the authors voice refreshing as they follow the informative direction. This manuscript is a practical tool for readers to use for a variety of reasons. This manuscript reveals Gods glory through insightful author commentary. The authors commitment to studying and understanding Gods Word. (Xulon Press Manuscript Review) About Sandra… Sandra Carroll Rogers received Jesus as Savior in a Military Chapel in Germany in 1979. After coming to the Lord she has learned about Prayer as she served in Leadership in the Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) a womans ministry that was then sponsored by the US Military Chief of Chaplains (Protestant). The organization is hosted and attended by female active duty and spouses of the military service members, and women in the community. She has used her gifts of administration and prayer as a Religious Education Coordinator for a US Military Chapel for Twelve years. Sandra has taught youth, children and adult classes, as she served in this capacity as well as Sunday School Superintendent and Director of Vacation Bible Schools. She also served on and served a term as President on the Military Chapel Parish counsel. Her training as an Advanced Telephone Prayer Counselor at CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) located in Virginia Beach, Va. Fine-tuned her prayer skills as she ministered on the Set of the 700 Club for 6 years. Sandra was also excited in hosting her own 1 hour radio program (The Good News in Music) on the Canadian Forces radio Program (91.5FM), in Brussum, The Netherlands while stationed there with her husband. She was educated through the European Division of the University of Maryland and graduated from Victory Life Bible Training College in Hampton, Va. Sandra enjoys reading and prayer, writing poetry and inspirational articles, teaching and preaching Gods Word in Ministry. She began to formulate
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