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Honey and Health – they go hand in hand.The book brings in the foreground the multiple benefits of honey. The nature’, s gold stands out because of its multiple therapeutic characteristics, in particular the anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial features. &nbsp,These properties play a significant role in preventing aging and averting and treating degenerative, as well as chronic conditions, such as cardio-vascular and pulmonary diseases. By regular consumption, honey also boosts the immune system, so that it helps in preventing and treating infections. Overall, honey consumption reduces fatigue and is one of the most effective energizers in nature. &nbsp,The book represents a guide with numerous recipes for many conditions, also briefly and simply depicted. The authors never tired to warn about the importance of precisely following the recipes, and kept advising that the treatment should be applied under medical supervision.We hope you will appreciate the information presented and will take advantage of the nature’,s gold benefits shortly. &nbsp,&nbsp,_,
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