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Originally printed in 1871 this work allows the reader an interesting look at the history of Florida prior to the American Civil War from the viewpoint of one living in the 1870s Comprised of twentythree chapters Fairbanks provides details of Floridas volatile early history up to the close of the Florida War The topics discussed include the Discovery of Florida the Expedition of Hernando de Soto Huguenot Settlements at Charles Fort under Ribaut Spanish expedition of Menendez to expel the Huguenots and Massacre of the Garrison Attack on St Augustine by Sir Francis Drake Establishment of a Spanish Settlement at Pensacola Capture of Pensacola by the French Transfer of Pensacola to the Spaniards Attack on St Augustine by Oglethorpe Governor Grants Administration First Colony Assembly Revolutionary War English Occupation Retransfer of Florida to Spain Operation of the US Troops in Florida Indian Hostilities between the Americans and King Payne the Seminole English driven out by General Jackson Defeat of the Indians by Jackson Treaty with Spain Ceding Florida to the United States Massacre of Major Dades Command Battle of the Withlacoochee General Scotts Campaign Battle of Okechobee Escape of Coacoochee The Cuba Bloodhounds Surrender of Coacoochees Band and the Close of the Florida War Told in an interesting narrative style this work is further enhanced by a new fullname index
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