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HE&rsquo,S A WILD ROGUE WITH A GUARDED HEART.Notorious rogue, Lawrence Russell has no desire to marry&mdash,or heaven forbid, fall in love. Although he enjoys his fair share of pleasure, Lawrence prefers to protect his heart. Yet, when he comes to the rescue of a brave and passionate Persian princess, he discovers his heart may be at risk from the very thing he&rsquo,s always feared&hellip,SHE&rsquo,S A PRINCESS WITH A DANGEROUS SECRET.Zehra Darzi&rsquo,s life has been turned on its head. When she flees her home after her parents&rsquo, brutal murder, she is kidnapped and transported to England. There, she awaits her doom&mdash,being auctioned off for a brothel. But fate intervenes in the form of a heroic man, who purchases her freedom. As Zehra adjusts to life in England, she can&rsquo,t help but fall for her rescuer, Lawrence. But when an enemy from her past resurfaces in London, she knows it&rsquo,s only a matter of time before her darkest secret is brought to light.And this secret just might cost Lawrence his life&hellip,&nbsp,&nbsp,_,
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