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Time for Truth is a vehicle for change, a whispering of eye-opening truths through the angelic voice of God. Uncovered are the mysteries of the Universe and the entrapments of human society—those hardships that have been self-inflicted due to a lack of understanding and a shunning of truth, love and accountability. The author taps into the godly voice of communication, Archangel Gabriel, to discover what has hindered mankind, creating feelings of anger and despair and a lack of empowerment due to the entrappings of the mind.Humanity must learn to seek actual truth in order to release the ties that bind to pain and struggle, a tethering of the soul. When one discovers the true beauty that abounds and learns to harness the proper energy—that of the Highest Source rather than of an opposing force—then that soul becomes empowered to create a destiny of joy and release, abundance and higher vision. All souls are capable of godly creation when centered within heart-energy, learning to recognize truth and cast out darkness. This book shall serve as a launching pad to ground the soul while sprouting wings. Earth is a difficult place within this time and space, yet through proper energy and realization, one can experience life in a heavenly manner and bring about peace and paradise to Earth.
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