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What would you do if your partner-your husband or your wife-told you they were having an affair? Would you strike out in fear and anger or could you accept their truth and respond in a loving, conscious way? Facing a situation for which she had unknowingly and unerringly been prepared, prayer and the Buddhist practice of Metta, or LovingKindness, came to Lina Landess’, rescue in a way that few of us could ever imagine. From her own dark night of the soul to the recognition that we are all the light of awareness that illumines everything, Lina’,s spiritual journey unfolds in a manner that can bring both comfort and encouragement to others on their own journey. Through this honest and heartfelt memoir, we rediscover the value of following the heart-of taking leap after leap of faith, knowing that no matter what our life path or our experience, we are traveling the road we are meant to travel. Staying true to her commitment to use what she has learned on her journey, she invites the reader into her life, to experience the beauty and the challenges that test us. Along the way, Lina shares the teachings that have blessed her as well as the reminder that each of us, in every moment of our lives, has the capacity to choose love over fear._,
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