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Peter Buraku was a wizard until he was tried, convicted, and sentenced for a terrible crime. He could never cast another spell and for eight long years, he begged for the worst jobs, lived in the slums, and worked for humans. Then a wealthy stranger came into his life with an impossible promise. You can be a wizard again. Too late, Peter discovers an ancient god from another dimension is using human agents to open a portal so it can move into this world, and wizardry soldier Julie Alvarez, the lost love he hasn&rsquo,t seen in years, is in danger. Three children are dead. Many more are missing. Something dark and terrible is rising. A breach has opened between worlds and an ancient god will be reborn on fertile Earth. The flesh of humanity will feed its many children. Peter embarks on a quest for redemption to stop the ancient god from destroying the world. Will his unique ability to create life be enough to change what he&rsquo,s done? Or will guilt from his role in helping to destroy so much life be his undoing?_,
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