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god has spoken again.-9781942293002


There is a New Message from God in the world. It is a Message from the Creator of all life. It is a gift for all the peoples, nations and religions of the world.An unprecedented crisis is spreading worldwide. A crisis of political, economic and environmental change and upheaval is now gathering force, threatening the stability and future of humanity. This is not the end of times, but instead a great transition to a new world reality.We now stand at a turning point that will determine the life and future of every man, woman and child on Earth. It is at this time that God has spoken again. A Messenger has been sent and a mission is now underway to prepare the human family for the great change that is coming.God is now calling across the world, calling into every nation, culture and faith community calling into the halls of government and religion calling into the darkest place where inner suffering and physical deprivation are deepest calling for the spiritual power of humanity to awaken and emerge at this turning point in the history of our world.God Has Spoken Again is the beginning of a new communication from God to humanity. What you hold in your hands are the opening words of this New Message from God. Table Of Contents IntroductionChapter 1 The Proclamation  Chapter 2 The RecitationChapter 3 The EngagementChapter 4 God Has Spoken AgainChapter 5 The Seal of the ProphetsChapter 6 The Mission of the MessengerChapter 7 The InitiationChapter 8 The BlessingChapter 9 Living at a Time of RevelationChapter 10 The AssemblyChapter 11 God’s New Message for the WorldChapter 12 God Is Moving Humanity in a New DirectionChapter 13 The World Must Receive God’s New MessageChapter 14 The Calling Important TermsThe MessengerThe Voice of RevelationAbout The Worldwide Community of the New MessageThe Society for the New Message  
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