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Meet Faline. Bounty-Hunter. Huldra. Wild Woman.Well behaved women seldom make history, but they still end up as the monsters of folklore. Faline Frey is a bounty-hunter, more comfortable relying on perp files and handcuffs than using her huldra powers to take down a suspect. No sense in catching the unwanted attention of her local Hunter authority, a group of holy soldiers born to police the supernatural and keep Wild Women&mdash,huldras, mermaids, succubi, rusalki and harpies&mdash,in check.All that changes the night she heads out for a date, hoping to get lucky. Instead, she gets screwed.Now her sister is missing, along with Wild Women from all over the country. The Hunters are on her tail and the one person offering to help is her ex-lover, Officer Marcus Garcia, who has just enough ties to the supernatural world. To unite her enemies against their common foe, Faline will need to convince the Wild Women to do the one thing she fears most&mdash,exhume their power buried deep beneath centuries of oppression. That is, if she can keep them from killing each other.&ldquo,An immersive urban fantasy novel with a satisfying feminist theme. Pudelek invokes a believable representation of mythological beings in a modern setting, and provides a contextually realistic interpretation of the lore surrounding them. Freyja&rsquo,s Daughter is a rare treat for urban fantasy fans.&rdquo, – READERS FAVORITE ?????——————————————————————————————————————————————————————-AUTHOR INTERVIEWQ
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