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You are sitting there at your job or in your home and you look out the window thinking, &ldquo,What happened&rdquo,?What happened to your plan and your dreams? At what point did it go off the rails and you find yourself in an unrewarding career and a relationship far from your original plan? And how possibly do you get things back on track?Finding answers to these questions seems so overwhelming that you begin to justify your decisions with thoughts of, Well I can&rsquo,t quit we have a mortgage and bills to pay. I can&rsquo,t move to another town &hellip, what would my parents say? and so on and so on until you surrender yourself to your current status.You are not alone.Take a flight with Thomas Marks, a successful executive who left his career to speak and coach others on how to achieve lasting and meaningful results.On a routine flight to attend an upcoming speaking engagement, Thomas is seated across the aisle from Sabrina and her young daughter, Emily. Thomas soon learns of Sabrina&rsquo,s desire to become an airline pilot but her dreams had been crushed by those around her, especially her own father. Over the course of four hours, Thomas shows Sabrina how to conquer her self-limiting beliefs and set her soul free to fly.An inspiring story filled with uncommon sense that is sure to motivate and teach you how to really Fly Free and live the life you were meant to live._,
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