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Although this is book 2 in the series, it is written as a standalone novel. It is not necessary to have read book 1 first.&nbsp, When a bard tells a tale about a soldier&rsquo,s death, he doesn&rsquo,t intend to kill his brother. But he didn&rsquo,t believe those who warned him he had the ability to bring his tales to life.&nbsp, Grainne recognizes the power in the bard&rsquo,s tale. Desperate to protect his target — her new husband, Caedmon — she makes a pact with one of the fey. Caedmon is whisked away to the realm of the fey and Grainne fears she will never see him again.&nbsp, But Grainne isn&rsquo,t the only inhabitant of Silver Downs with a secret. Eithne has fallen in love with a fey. When the fey boy stops coming to visit her, she knows something has happened to him.&nbsp, The women set off in search of their missing loved ones, only to discover that mortals aren&rsquo,t exactly welcome in the realm of the fey. Captured by hostile fey, they are sentenced to serve as slaves — for one hundred years.&nbsp, Eithne and Grainne need to escape, find their missing loved ones, and get back to the mortal world before the fey find them again. Because they know they won&rsquo,t escape a second time.&nbsp,_,
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