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Nestled safely on another plane of existence is The Weave &ndash, a structure&nbsp,of epic proportion housing an infinite network of silk webs that spin the destinies of man. Four powerful mortals worshiped as Fates watch, predict, and manipulate the destinies to ensure the world is always in balance, but one has grown weary of her omniscience. If she were to collapse The Weave she would feel the joy of the unknown once more and defects to pursue her cause. With the help of legendary allies and an artifact of ancient power, perhaps she can free the people of the world from their predetermined inevitability and restore the truest of free will. But where does one stand in a war of liberty versus law? What do we sacrifice for our convictions, and is the volatile beauty of freedom better than the safety of organized government? Worse yet, what happens when the demons of the night catch wind of a war that could give them free reign? Something hungers beyond the mist of the world, and this may be the chance they have been waiting for._,
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