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He blends in just like you and me. He could be the guy in the cubicle next to you, or it could be your boss, garbage man, husband, or even your neighbor. Through the eyes of an insatiable, sadistically motivated sociopath, he tells the story of the last six years of his life and the chilling lessons he teaches his victims in his subbasement chamber. &nbsp,Commiting&nbsp,horrifying acts to pursue his own sadistic pleasures in this scary thriller Eluded Confession. When a drifter arrives at a cops’, bar situated in a small town, he begins telling a story in graphic detail about a man who murdered thirteen families, not counting a sixteen-year-old Spanish Gothic girl, and their very own local lieutenant. &nbsp,The drifter embellishes the heinous acts committed while leaving no evidence behind, except for a confusing symbol carved in the back of the victims’, necks. He keeps his latest in shackles. She’,s a perfect seventeen-year-old Gothic girl whom he’,s teaching his own special brand of lessons and desires over a period of ten years. Satisfying his own sadistic pleasures through depravity and pain, changing her as he is, adding tokens to what has become their victims’, death box. Meanwhile, he’,s framing a small town sergeant for all the murders. This is the third book by Michael J. Stuckey Jr., who has been writing for thirty years. His previous books were a poetry collection and&nbsp,cookbook’,s. Past experiences, pleasures, fantasies, and desires inspired him to write this compelling novel that explores a sick man’,s psyche. Michael J. Stuckey Jr. grew up in Middletown, New Jersey. He is retired and currently lives in a quaint little town in Kentucky. &nbsp,The author is the proud owner of&nbsp,a self-sustaining hobby farm. He has several other books in the works, including the sequel to Eluded Confession. Publisher / Author’,s website
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