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Tyler and Rose get trapped in Ancient Greece! My name is Tyler. I&rsquo,m now an agent with Specta Aeternal&mdash,the time police. Just as my life is going to hell, Rose shows up with a warning about a coming apocalypse. We team up and go to Ancient Greece to find the dragon-powered device that will unleash this disaster. Our old enemies follow, and if they catch us, the whole world will die. &quot,THE ULTIMATE DRAGON SHIFTER ADVENTURE.&quot, From USA Today bestselling author Shay Roberts comes the third book of Tyler&rsquo,s Saga, a dynamic dragon novel set in the popular Heartblaze world. &quot,If you love fantasy books with lots of action you will love all the Heartblaze novels!&quot, &ndash, Sherry T ★★★★★ &quot,Well-written, with precise prose, and keeps up its fast pace and tension right to the final, confrontational climax.&quot, &ndash, Avid Reader ★★★★★ &quot,I always love Shay’,s characters, especially the strong female characters.&quot, &ndash, Alias11 ★★★★★ Join Rose and Tyler on their dangerous journey to confront the single greatest threat to humanity._,
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