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When Buster Troye finds a large creature of fantasy on his farm, he first questions his sanity.&nbsp, Then he questions the presence of the dragon.&nbsp, He stares at his neighbors bloody bull laying at his feet and knows the event really happened.&nbsp, When the dragon disappears into the soil, Buster screams, &quot,What was that?&quot, &nbsp,The beginning of his search for the origin and reason for a dragon takes him on an unexpected journey through the history of his town, the immorality of his neighbors and the stronghold that holds the whole place in chains.&nbsp, He finds no one else that has seen the dragon, but all have heard it.&nbsp, His quest is to rid his community of it, but first, he has to discover why the dragon selected his town and even more puzzling is why did the dragon reveal himself only to Buster._,
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