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Are you looking for a career in one of the hottest growth industries? Digital marketing offers growth, challenge, and opportunity whether you have a creative soul or an analytical mind.Digital Passport offers a practical roadmap whether you are joining the workforce or seeking a mid-career change.&nbsp, Students and recent graduates benefit from advice from the author’,s insight gained through decades of experience in the field. Mid-career professionals gain insight to help them transition from dying industries to the emerging field of digital marketing. Digital Passport&nbsp,provides insider insights on how to launch a successful and prosperous career in internet marketing.&nbsp, This book explores a range of aspects internet marketing including eCommerce, social media, search engine optimization, advertising, website analytics, mobile and more! By joining the dynamic field of digital marketing, you may discover future-proof career opportunities.&nbsp, The mobile revolution, internet of things, and digital media breakthrough demonstrate how the internet integrates with every aspect of the modern lifestyle. Savvy brands seek to reach their customers where they are — online!_,
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