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Sinopsis de DEZIRAH VOLUME 1

A millennium and a half ago, supernatural beings signed a treaty to disappear. The general public was told they were wiped out, and over time their existence became stories, myths, legends, fairy tale, fable, and movie plot. New generations and some nostalgic individuals decide to take back their place in society. They will chant Dezirah as they revolt against the humans. Supernatural beings throw the world into World War III like no one imagines. A supernatural revolution now threatens life as humans know it. The plight to survive in a world ravaged by a supernatural war, as told from different points of view of Alexa Brenner, Nikki Marshall, and Jaiden Kensington. Follow Alexa, a teenager whose world is in constant upheaval, from her family dying and being caught in the foster system with her young niece, to a supernatural war distmantling her way of life. Now she needs to choose between her vampire boyfriend and her humanity while struggling to survive in an unfair war. Follow Nikki as she&nbsp,grasps for her old life as she survives the supernatural revolution alongside&nbsp,three friends. She leads a group through denial, and disbelief of the events going on outside the mall.&nbsp,Embracing, then tolerating a party atmosphere may prove disastrous. Follow Jaiden as she finds herself, while thrust between supernaturals and humans. Dealing with multiple races and species, she finds&nbsp,herself questioning who she should fear more, the humans, the wwerewolves, the succubus, the vampires, ore the various other beings she encounters.&nbsp,The nightmares that plague her&nbsp,only show a glimpse of what is to come._,
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