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JOIN THE DEAD AND THE DAMNED! &quot,In the best tradition of pulp fiction, Edmund Glasby’,s storytelling is fast-paced, fantastical, escapist and with a large dollop of Grand Guignol horror&quot, Eleven deathly tales of shapeshifters, vampires, hybrid creatures, ghouls, zombies, hauntings and mad scientists! &quot,A clever melting pot, cooking some classical ingredients of horror fiction – the supernatural sleuth, the haunted house, exorcism… and a priest holding a s&eacute,ance!&quot, (Hour of the Witch) &quot,A vivid piece of graphic horror, revisiting in an effective and quite original way, the time honoured theme of the mad scientist&quot, (Pale Lilac) &quot,An offbeat mix of crime and pulp fiction, sparkling like a glass of champagne&quot, (Angels of Death) A new collection that signifies the emergence of a major talent in horror fantasy writing!_,
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