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Dear Mom is narrated from the perspective of a fetus from birth to adulthood. What if the unborn could speak? What would their little heart share? Author Lisa P. Robinson is a veteran teacher, mother, community advocate, missionary, and is affectionately known as Momma Lisa. She sees dreams differed day after day, year after year. This phenomenon is the inspiration behind Dear Mom. She often quotes Langston Hughes, an American poet, social activist, novelist, and playwright during the early social struggles of African Americans. Her daily question from the poet, What Happens to a Dream Deferred? Unfortunately, this question remains relevant decades after his death. Does the dream dry up? Does the dream as Mr. Hughes expresses, fester as a sore, Does it just lie within us and stink like old meat, Does it just weigh heavy within like a heavy load, One day will it simply explode, What happens to a dream deferred? Lisa P. Robinson uses her voice as an author to appeal to every mother and every young lady thinking of becoming a mother. Her message today and generations to come is clear, Parenthood is a gift with responsibility. Dear Mom expresses in a unique and inspiring way the influence of a parent who teaches social, academic, moral, and ethics as innate skills._,
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