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After growing up autistic, Grayson Miller PhD. was a solitary soul, with only his work and his love of anime to fill his time. When he was transformed into a vampire, the easing of his symptoms seemed miraculous. His speech became more fluent, and his senses no longer screamed. Physically weak throughout his life, he was now strong. But Grayson was too scrupulous to kill, and feeding loomed as a huge challenge. He overcame it, building a new business procuring blood for himself and other vampires by recycling expired supplies. A new and wondrous love grew between Grayson and brilliant scientist Dr. Tina Chow, but an evil more ambitious than any Grayson could ever have imagined, imperiled it. The darkness threatened to take everything Grayson s new life had given him, including Tina. Together, Grayson and Tina were forced to join a vampire revolution and develop a potent weapon against ancient and powerful forces._,
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