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Creativity Revealing the Truth about Human Nature is the ultimate resource guide in the universal and inevitable journey of selfdiscovery of Know Thyself A compendium and synthesis of soulstirring wit and wisdom on human nature the book uncovers  What it really means to be human What your own life is truly about What gives it meaning and enduring significance In words that speak to everyone personally deeply directly Creativity Revealing the Truth about Human Nature brings us in touch with innermost beings our unique capabilities interests values goals passions and motivations so we can use that understanding to build lives that are meaningful genuinely successful and personally fulfilling   The crux of the book and primary reason for its writing is answers to those persistent life questions everyone inevitably encounters at some stage of his or her personal growth and development  Who am I as a person What do I desire most in my life What brings me the greatest joy when I do it What are my special abilities values and interests What do I particularly like to contribute to society and the world The goal is to empower the reader with knowledge of his or her special incomparable indispensable and irreplaceable abilities as well as responsibility to contribute those abilities in building the type of global society we all want to live in as well as in shaping the viable and sustainable future we want to proudly leave for posterity   Sobering deeply compelling at times convicting Creativity Revealing the Truth about Human Nature makes a valued and treasured companion in the tortuous journey of selfdiscovery personal development and career choice  Published and publiclyaccessible reviews describe Creativity Revealing the Truth about Human Nature as a truly phenomenal and pathbreaking book defines the path to creating a global positive future for generatio
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