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ISBN: 9783656118534 Géneros: KJM Sinópsis: Diploma Thesis from the year 2008 in the subject Business economics Business Management Corporate Governance grade 20 University of Linz Institut fur Internationales Management language English abstract Today ethics gain more and more importance in our economy and the oftenheard statement Global capitalism local values underlines the trend to make money with the help of local values From that aspect capitalism does not seem to appear that ignoring and barbarous but shows us that in deed that human values and ethical standards are anchored in the acting of huge successful multinational concerns The role of values in that case is crucial as they affect our everyday life Everything we do and the way we think is guided by values which we got communicated from our families people that seem to be important for us or from institutions that accompanied us for a period of our life Values and behaviour are some kind of indicators that form generations and decadesWhen talking about values and ethics the upcoming importance of corporate socially responsible behaviour in form of CSR projects can not be disregarded It is definitively the buzzword of the early 21st business century Nearly every huge company has to face corporate social responsibility activities in order to behave in a way its customers and society in general want them to So the role of external pressure should not be underestimated A good example is McDonalds The 40 billion USdollar concern continuously implements CSR programs but does not behave in a socially responsible way when talking about the firms employees and working conditions Work at Mc Donalds is lowskilled hard and most of the time unrelenting as one of the company mottos suggests if there is time to lean there is time to clean Royle 2005 p45 Bad working conditions like underpayment and endless night shifts make Mc Donalds to appear in another light in the minds of its employees and custome
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