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Lena, a shamanistic cat, and her conjure woman Eulalie live in a small town near the Apalachicola River in Florida&rsquo,s lightly populated Liberty County, where longleaf pines own the world. In Eulalie&rsquo,s time, women of color look after white children in the homes of white families and are respected, even loved, but distrusted and kept separated as a group. A palpable gloss, sweeter than the state&rsquo,s prized tupelo honey, holds their worlds firmly apart. When that gloss fails, the Klan restores its own brand of order. When some white boys rape and murder a black girl named Mattie near the sawmill, the police have no suspects and don&rsquo,t intend to find any. Eulalie, who sees conjure as a way of helping the good Lord work His will, intends to set things right by &ldquo,laying tricks.&rdquo,&nbsp, But Eulalie has secrets of her own, and it&rsquo,s hard not to look back on her own life and ponder how the decisions she made while drinking and singing at the local juke were, perhaps, the beginning of Mattie&rsquo,s ending. Bonus &ldquo,Glossary and Notes&rdquo, included in the back of the book. &nbsp,_,
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