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This is a book on Bible prophecy that details the main prophetic events that will precede the Second Coming of the Lord The place of Israel in Gods prophetic calendar is clearly outlined in both its historical and contemporary contexts as well as that of the church The key players in the endtime drama are those same nations that are making all the headlines today particularly those in the Middle East This is where the drama of redemption began and that is where it is all bound to end This book provides a convenient checklist against major world events rocking our planet today Hence it provides a convenient signpost to indicate the time of day we live in as far as Gods endtime redemption program is concerned It is also a call to sober reflection by all who call themselves believers in Jesus Christ to do an ongoing selfevaluation to make sure their walk with the Lord is on track and to avoid any potential surprises and disappointments in the end It provides a motivation to get busy with the assignment the Lord left his people in evangelizing and disciplining the world It is a book of hope for the weary believer who is often tempted to give up when they realize that the coming of the Lord is sooner than any of us can imagine It also points the weary seeker to the Lord of salvation who alone is able to give rest to the soul of man
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