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Come, brother golfers. Let Phairway Phil lead you out of the Dark Ages of golf instruction&mdash,with its archaic advice and ambiguous language&mdash,and into the Bright Age. This guru of the game offers an alternative, enlightening approach that will simplify and clarify the process. &ldquo,Swing,&rdquo, the centerpiece of Dark Age instruction, &ldquo,is an Evil word,&rdquo, Phairway Phil preaches. &ldquo,It must be banished from your mind and mouth forever more. It is the root cause of our misconception.&rdquo, Instead, he is the first to introduce the concept of Coil/Strike. &ldquo,All living things COIL and STRIKE,&rdquo, he declares. &ldquo,It is the basic movement of all life and the basic movement for all golf strokes.&rdquo,Through step-by-step instruction and unique images&mdash,as well as LMAO stories to keep you smilin&rsquo, and energized&mdash,Phairway Phil describes the Coil/Strike approach in detail. All strokes are addressed, including chipping and putting. Simplify your game and pare down your handicap with this exciting, revolutionary approach. Let the fun begin!COIL/STRIKE has arrived as golf&rsquo,s first creative nonfiction instruction book. Author Phairway Phil unites fiction with nonfiction in an original exploration of the genre&mdash,a groundbreaking introduction from Gatekeeper Press. Learning swing mechanics can make golfers loopy. But a coil strikes. At last, a brand-new concept to help millions of frustrated golfers. It&rsquo,s a step-by-step method with merriment.COIL/STRIKE is meant for everyone who can meet the book&rsquo,s easy Reader Qualification Requirements. Join the COIL/STRIKE revolution!READER QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS
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