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Bolivar&rsquo,s Sword is the fabled weapon of the greatest hero of the Krykker race&mdash,and Rabigar needs it. There&rsquo,s just one problem. Rabigar has been exiled from his homeland, never to return, on pain of death.Belwynn has escaped from the clutches of Ishari. But her brother Soren, and her friends, have not been so lucky. Who will help her in a rescue attempt that seems certain to fail?Meanwhile, the armies of Ishari are on the march, aiming to smash the resistance of the Brasingian Empire. Will the fragile coalition hold? Or will the dark forces that have been unleashed destroy their world? As war comes to Dalriya, the stakes couldn&rsquo,t get any higher…Bolivar&rsquo,s Sword continues the action-packed series, The Weapon Takers Saga. If you like multiple character storylines, set in a rich and detailed world, you&rsquo,ll find this Epic Fantasy tale hard to put down._,
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