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Sinopsis de BLOOD MOON

The djinn needs saving. Stuck in Mithras, captivity and torture are not Saleem&rsquo,s choice of time well spent. Nor are they Mel&rsquo,s either.&nbsp, Now the SoulTracker must do everything in her power to gather her team and extract Saleem.&nbsp, Only thing is, that damned window. Saleem&rsquo,s mysterious and strict time frame gives Mel and the team only a few days to join forces and prepare to cross the Veil into the realm of the djinn, but forces are at play, conspiring to block them at every turn. Mel&rsquo,s mission to help panther SkinWalker Kailin Odel turns out to be more than either of them had bargained for. Mel is shocked&mdash,yes, the pun is intended&mdash,at the truths that are revealed, many of which impact the saving of a certain djinn._,
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