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Is your mind too full to do mindfulness?&nbsp,There is a solution that is better than watching funny cat videos.Finding it difficult to cope with everyday situations, and having the desire to escape, is far too common. The feeling of being stuck in the comfort zone and surviving the daily grind can be a suffocating experience. Creating the plan is one thing, but taking that first step is hard. And how do you even know if you are on the right track anyway?There is no need to escape society and run off to a mountain, you know it, deep inside. That is why you have already explored manifesting, you know that you totally deserve to flourish. You have the desires that are flashing frequently in your mind’,s eye, but there is something invisible deep inside, like a glass wall, holding you hostage. You know that you have to facilitate the next step to free yourself, so how do you get clarity to know that you are on the right path? This journey you don&rsquo,t have to do alone. Help with creating an achievable action plan will be the best investment you make.Blank Canvas&nbsp,is here to answer your call for help. You have found your companion, your personal sidekick to manifest the thriving life that you know, deep in your soul, is possible. You are whole and complete already, and what life has thrown at you has tarnished the shine that you know is there.Jaclyn shares a unique style of self-exploration tools to clear internal barriers and dissolve the walls that hold you captive. This book is a practical guide to get to know yourself, connect to a better life and give you the tools you need to truly love and appreciate what you are creating. This enables you to genuinely manifest from the place of alignment with your authenticity. &lsquo,Blank Canvas&rsquo, is a fresh new perspective stretch, like yoga for the mind, to eliminate everything that you are not, to polish your soul and truly discover what shines in you.From the h
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