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Minerva enjoys her life as a master mage. She creates spells that no one has seen before and enjoys her family and friends. She will do anything for them, and she has.Her side job is to act as an intermediary between extranatural races, and that is what she is doing the day that she walks into the dragon&rsquo,s den. Running from the dragon makes her confront her origins, and things get even more complicated from there.Zemuel is an ancient being that owns lands and mines that contain strategic materials for other races. All he asks for an audience is that he be entertained by the envoy. Minerva has her work cut out for her. She really should have stuck to business only.So, mate-hungry dragons, ancient gods and a surprising pedigree mean that Minerva&rsquo,s world just turned upside-down, and anchoring herself will mean surrendering a piece of her soul._,
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