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Better Living, Better Dying Reconciling Freedom and Surrender in Aging The aging baby boomer generation born from 1945 to 1965 poses a real challenge in aging services for themselves and their families. Many of them are not well prepared for the challenges coming their way. Neither are their children. Most people are so busy being human doings they have overlooked developing as human beings. You are never too old to begin the adult self-development lessons in this book, but it becomes more important during the second half of life. Maybe it is true that you cannot put young heads on old shoulders but perhaps you can put older heads on old shoulders. Eventually, freedom must transition to surrender as the inevitable changes during aging take over. It takes special resilience to walk through the final portal to whatever comes after, and these instructions help to pave the way. Each person must take the walk of life they are given, but if you begin with the end in mind the trip can be a grand adventure with a happier ending. This book is chock-full of information and instruction for lifelong self-care based on professional research and therapy compiled by an accomplished senior who also is an experienced researcher and writer. As such, the work is more practical and less theoretical, although it is based in many professional sources. Organized into lessons and homework assignments, it goes far beyond the usual content of most self-help books dealing with aging and mortality. They address needs of the whole person that you are
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