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Mark Batmale is a lifelong adventurer with a sense of humor and a gentle spirit. In his true stories he introduces a host of memorable characters, ranging from the genteel to the hardcore. Batmale masterfully weaves tales of excitement, wonder, humor, heart and triumph. Bat&nbsp,Tales&nbsp,will bring you to the edge of an erupting volcano in Guatemala, with red-hot rocks whizzing by, to Switzerland where one step too many triggers an avalanche and to an old bridge where a kayaker is willingly thrown off. There&rsquo,s also a trip to Lava Falls in the Grand Canyon for a ridiculous stunt and to Colorado for a quirky triathlon that descends 9,000 vertical feet. The reader will meet a pair of six-year-old girls, one holding a pink butterfly net and the other sitting on a pink Barbie bike. There&rsquo,s a paraglider pilot who disappears in the Alps and a skier who makes a gut-wrenching descending of an ever steepening couloir, with no idea where it is leading. We meet a long distance backpacker with a lonely&nbsp,heart on his seventeenth&nbsp,1000-mile walk, an&nbsp,exuberant slang-slinging Aussie, and a scantily clad huntress hassling a porcupine in the Yukon. The author’,s compassion for&nbsp,wildlife is portrayed in his encounters with a tragic pair of mated golden eagles, a bear slurping chocolate milk who becomes seriously irritated when interrupted, and two rattlesnakes, one resting but the other startled and agitated. There is an owl and a skunk in grave predicaments along with a gray jay dangling from a fishing line. A short campfire &ldquo,sermon&rdquo, by a wacky &ldquo,preacher&rdquo, which might spark the reader&rsquo,s curiosity about the universe, and a boneheaded incident with a porcupine that may have the reader wonder about karma. Batmale regales us an account of the&nbsp,most dramatic meteor shower in half a century. He also shares stories of rescues. Some are simple but in one the author
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