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It may seem over-obvious, but is worth remembering that, although they have been erased from memory, women filled markets, shops, workshops, the streets and houses of the city.
In this book our wish been to put together some of these stories of these womwn of past centuries. Whe have included fifty one. In this collection you will find women who are fun, loving, cruel, passionate, intelligent, cultured, fair, naive, treacherous, reckless…Each plays a leading role in this book and they all paint an original picture of the city.
Organised as routes around the old part, the intention of this book is to reveal women’s stories. A different view of the city’s past, with women at the fore-front.
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Elisenda Albertí (Barcelona, 1960) és editora i escriptora. És coautora de «Perill de bombardeig! Barcelona sota les bombes» i «300 anys de lluita. 1714-2014» i autora de «Dames, reines, abadesses», «Dones de Barcelona», «Catalanes medievals», «Un passeig per la moda de Barcelona» i «Compromeses».Elisenda Albertí (Barcelona 1960)
Is a graphic designer and publisher. Head of Albertí Editor since 1997, she updated and renewed the editorial series of dictionaries, before recovering a range of material, prepared by Santiago Albertí, which consists of most of the book «Perill de bombardeig! Barcelona soda les bombes», of wich she is co-author. She is the author of «Dames, reines, abadesses», «Dones de Barcelona», «Catalanes medievals» «Un passeig per la moda de Barcelona» and «300 ants de lluita 1714-2014».
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