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In my life journey I have come to believe it is possible for every person to be a leader. Back to the Cottage is my story of real people in real places who have taught me the principles and character traits of true leadership – humility, integrity, wisdom, courage and collaboration. Come walk with me thru fertile farm fields, corporate hallways and factory floors, and the roads of America and beyond. In this hustle, bustle, information packed age we find ourselves in, I believe it is possible to achieve the goals and principles of leadership by returning to a simpler and more consistent way of life – Back to the Cottage. John Sipple John Sipple brings decades of leadership experience to his book. Those of us who have known him as a senior manager and passionate coach of leaders are thrilled that he has done this. John never forgot his roots, but carefully applied them throughout his fast rise in the corporate world. As a consultant to many organizations throughout the USA, Europe and Africa, his leadership and real life advice are sought after at every level… I am one of those seekers! Johns book reads like a novel and it oozes with wisdom in every page. Back to the Cottage wil_,
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