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Sinopsis de BACK NOW

The year is 2015 and Mike Morrison is a self-described &ldquo,square peg.&rdquo, Every facet of his life has a kind of perforation in it, as though he&rsquo,s ready to tear it all off and throw it away for a dream. He gets the chance to do that when, after searching obsessively for years, he locates the real-life setting of a recurring childhood dream. Mike gets more than he bargained for when he steps into the dream and becomes trapped in a child&rsquo,s body in 1967. Once he adjusts to his new reality, he hops a freight train and sets out on a boy&rsquo,s adventure to points unknown. Most of the people Mike meets along the way help him out and try to convince him to go home. But Mike&rsquo,s been running away all of his life. Not until he&rsquo,s sunk into despair from the dangerous, hand-to-mouth lifestyle he&rsquo,s chosen will he finally face his inner demons.&nbsp, Will he find his way back to adulthood in 2015 as a changed man? Or is he forever trapped in his childish fantasies?_,
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