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Sinopsis de ANGEL FIRE

A family secret. A lifetime of deception. Haunted by nightmares of fire, considered flawed by her adoptive parents, Andie Sherman just wants to be normal. She moves out of home, ready to start her life afresh, only to discover the dream that has plagued her for fifteen years is actually a memory of the night she lost her identical twin, Angel. Then Angel&rsquo,s spirit calls to her, begging Andie to save her. With the help of Nick Foster, her brother&rsquo,s best friend, Andie searches for answers about what really happened the night her sister died, determined to save Angel from whatever is stopping her from resting in peace. Her quest leads Andie to the sinister Wood&rsquo,s Estate and an unscrupulous doctor who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. And what she wants is Andie._,
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