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When dark forces threaten to consume the land, Eyolin must find courage in the face of despair, and unleash the incredible power she has spent her whole life trying to suppress. On the day of her birth, the ancient land of Alagana trembles with a premonition of salvation or destruction surrounding an elvish girl. Eyolin, bearing the same unruly curls as her mother, arrives in a world where darkness has the upper hand. As Eyolin grows older, her elder sister, Arden, is tasked with helping keep Eyolins unruly magik hidden. Tired of a life lived in the shadow of her younger sister, Arden abandons them both, leaving the vulnerable Eyolin in the sole care of the girls languishing mother, and one step closer to the darkness that taunts them all.  Dark forces are on the rise throughout the kingdom, forces that Eyolins mother cannot keep at bay. Tragedy strikes, and Eyolin-for the first time in her young and dangerous existence-must survive alone. In struggling to keep her magik hidden, Eyolin retreats to a life of quiet routine. But with each passing moment, the dark forces threaten to envelop the kingdom and corrupt her soul. As the world teeters on the brink of war and darkness, Eyolin must fight through the machinations of those around her and unleash the unparalleled power within her if the land of Alagana is to endure.  Aideil
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