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What if your suffering could end…not in some distant future, but very soon, even today? What if many divine beings, including your own higher self, are present here and now, to help you attain this freedom from suffering? What if the beliefs that have conditioned your mind, such as &quot,no pain, no gain,&quot, hold only in limited contexts, and you could make the quantum leap and blossom into a flower of primordial joy? What if the perfume of this flower, which is you being you, is experienced as love by all who care to partake of you? In an extraordinary conversation, Goddesses Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati reveal the secrets of walking on this new feminine &quot,path of joy&quot, to dissolve your suffering and blossom into enlightenment. Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati promise nothing short of a grand transformation of humanity with the birthing of a new joy-centered consciousness on Earth at this time. These ascended Goddesses create fertile ground for this transformation by planting fresh seeds of joy in different layers of human consciousness. According to them, our lives truly transform with joy, and not with pain, even though we all endure pain. While pain ripens us, the actual transformation always happens by surrendering with joy to the emptiness of our higher selves. Most of us have already endured much pain and suffering. We have ripened enough, not only in this life, but over many lifetimes. All we have to do now is surrender and blossom into divine beings of primordial joy, which is who we always are in our enlightened state. Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati take us on a grand spiritual journey by weaving new insights into ancient teachings, correcting what has been altered in scriptures by their male authors, and revealing new secrets about Buddhas and Gods and Goddesses who have walked on Earth._,
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