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Travel is either a surface experience from A to B, or a journey in which we immerse ourselves in each moment, revelling in the new possibilities it brings. How we approach LIFE is no different. Be guided away from your fear and resistance and embrace the adventure of living each day, with psychologist Jo Warwick, as she translates her funny and poignant reflections on travels around the world, into tools for living harmoniously and successfully with the Law Of Attraction.Explore with her as she guides you through the core philosophy, mindset and practical life tools for your happiness and successful living everyday, through stories of her own observations and amazing experiences so far during her travel around the planet.&nbsp,Her passion for travel is for both the exploration of different cultures and environments, as well as a love of new people, new experiences and self discovery. All of which has been the foundation to her own personal growth and inspiration for her writing.Although a passionate global traveller Jo’,s home&nbsp,is by the sea in Cornwall, UK. A former professional sportswoman, born spiritual energy healer, turned therapist and psychologist (individuals, couples, children and family), she specialised in human development, attachment and Love. She has worked with thousands of men and women in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia, to heal wounds on love, life and embrace their empowerment and skills to living life their way &mdash, in alignment with their joy, happiness and the Law of Attraction._,
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