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Achieving excellence has been, and always will be, a goal of people in pursuit of living life to the fullest. Some achieve it well, while others struggle to attain outstanding work through their efforts. However, it is not impossible to have excellence in life, as author Francis Ajala reveals in the new book, 12 Seasons of Excellence. Separated into twelve seasons of excellence, Francis explains going the extra mile is possible when one makes the choice toward excellence and remembers God equips a person through knowledge of excellence. The seasons discuss topics such as need for purpose, prioritizing relationships, providence of God and rejecting negative opinion. Francis outlines these seasons even more through the life stories of Daniel the prophet and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, joining their stories with advice of excellence. As we prepare for life&rsquo,s seasons, seeking excellence surpasses obstacles and produces lasting results God approves of._,
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